Getting Involved

There are a range of ways you can get your voice heard and your input taken in consideration by policy makers:

Do you want to have your say on issues and policies that directly impact you?

Youth Committees

These include committees at the federal government level, the NT government level and the local government

Get educated about politics

Check out these opportunities to learn more about democracy and go on excursions

Federal Government/Australia wide level

Check out these opportunities to learn more about democracy and go on excursions.

Democracy Dash

Democracy Dash is an education event that is designed to teach middle and senior students about democracy, the important work of democratic institutions and the responsibilities of citizens who live in a democracy. Students ‘dash’ around the city in an ‘Amazing Race’ style event, visiting several organisations and completing an activity at each location. Democracy Dash is run in Alice Springs and Darwin, with plans to introduce a Katherine based event soon.

Parliament House Excursions

The Northern Territory Electoral Commission and Parliamentary Education Services offer a joint program for teachers who want to organise a visit to Parliament House for their class.

By booking this joint program you are eligible for funding to cover the total cost of your bus transport and should result in a free excursion for your students. The funding is provided by the Northern Territory Electoral Commission.

City of Darwin School Civic Visits

The program involves a one hour visit to Council Chambers where students learn about the role of Council.

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