Youth Voice NT Theory of Change

 The Theory of Change was developed to guide the next years of the Youth Voice Project. It outlines four key objectives for the project and looking at these through a theory of change model it determines drivers and barriers to the changes that the project wants to make. The work came from 3 workshops conducted in 2022 by Dr Chay Brown. These workshops included young people, youth workers, those working in the youth sector and government.

Family Matters Report 2023

The annual Family Matters Report examines government actions to address the over-representation and the outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in child protection systems. It highlights Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led solutions and calls on governments to support and invest in the strengths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to lead on child wellbeing, development and safety responses for our children. 

Palmerston State of the Children Report: A report on the Wellbeing of Children and Young People in Palmerston.

Connection is the Key: Young People’s Wellbeing in Palmerston.

“They can’t go back home” Young People and Homelessness in Mparntwe (Alice Springs)

NT Shelter and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner NT have united on a collaborative project with the joint goal of supporting the young people of Mparntwe (Alice Springs) to develop a call to action on their housing and shelter needs. 

Putting children first: A rights respecting approach to youth justice in Australia

A glance at the Northern Territory Youth Sector

Youth Voice NT project report

Young Territorians Report

Youth Voice NT Project Report

The DARWWYN Data Party report

Youth work and professionalisation