Jun 01 - 30 2023

Brother to Another- Alice Springs Aboriginal Youth Community & Health Careers Pathway, Workforce Development Workshop JUNE 2023


JUNE 2023

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Brother to Another LTD

Case management.

Brother to Another LTD is a 100% First Nation’s developed, governed and operated Not-for -profit charity organisation, based in Darwin. Brother to Another is a First Nation’s led solution providing outreach support to stop recidivism and enhance the social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing of First Nations young people and families, who are or have experienced the NT youth justice and out of home care systems.

Currently solely philanthropically funded, Brother to Another provides a wraparound service at all stages of young people experiencing the NT youth justice system.

Why we do what we do.

Despite it being publicly known that First Nation’s young people have and still make up almost 100% of youth detained in NT youth detention centres, there has remained a gap in First Nation’s voices and resourcing given to local, First Nation’s solutions.  Additionally, First Nations children and young people make up over 80% of young people in the NT Out of Home care systems, with a similar resourcing pattern as the Youth Justice based funding.

How and when

Utilising a social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing framework, with culture and identity at the forefront, young people and families are in control of what support they receive. Brother to Another operates via First Nation’s ways of working and being, this means community members are working and supporting their community their way, showcasing strengths, the realities, and lived experience as First Nations people. The service adapts, listens, and supports young people and families to ensure support is given as they want and need, with a focus on engagement with young people and families during after-hours and on weekends.

Activities and supports have included Cultural and Identity based activities and community engagement, education and employment support, Physical and emotional wellbeing support, court and youth detention-based support, family and peer-based support, access to organised sports and more.

For more information on the case management service please contact Jye Cardona on the below details.

Jye Cardona

Founder/ CEO

Brother to Another

0429 154 369

1/51 Albatross Street, Winnellie Darwin

PO Box 37669 Winnellie N.T 0821

Brother to Another LTD

Workforce development

Brother to Another also offers workforce development and pathways workshops, with a focus on the health and community services sectors.

We are looking for young Aboriginal people aged between 15 and 25 years old to participate in the workshops. The workshops will focus on informing young Aboriginal people, about the types of jobs that are available in the health and community services sectors throughout the local region.

What the workshop day will look like: We will break up the day into 2 sections, morning, and afternoon.

The morning section.

We will travel to various health and community services workplaces for onsite visits.  during the site visit we will speak to various Aboriginal staff and site managers about the work they do. We will also explore the various pathways people have taken to end up working where they are now.

The afternoon section.

This is where we will workshop the pathways to positions that are available in the health and community services sectors. We will explore the training and study options that match up with the jobs that are available in the community. We will take the young people through the process of where to look for work, how to apply for work, what training opportunities are available and what are the pathways to get work in the health and community services sectors.

We will assist in writing resume’s, role playing over the phone and face to face interviews. Once a young person has participated in a brother to Another Workforce development workshop, we will continue to provide ongoing mentoring and workplace support where needed.

Being an Aboriginal owned and operated organisation puts us in a unique position. Our lived experiences are an opportunity for young Aboriginal people to better understand the challenges they might face at home and in community environments when they decide to join the workforce.

We welcome this opportunity to support our young people.

For more information on workforce development workshops, please contact Andrew Lockyer on the below details.

Andrew Lockyer

Manager Workforce Development

Brother to Another

0492 478 230

1/51 Albatross Street, Winnellie Darwin                                                                                                                                                    PO Box 37669 Winnellie N.T 0821



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