Jun 21 2022 - Jul 25 2022

Round 1: Darwin Youth Activities Grants 2022-2023

The Northern Territory Government is seeking applications for funding available to support a range of after-hours and school holiday activities which run into the evening and the delivery of a youth transport service to engage and support young people, in particular young people at risk in the Northern Suburbs. There is a total of $730,000 per annum for this grant round for eligible organisations to provide a range of activities, including one off events, school holiday activities, term time after-hours activities and smaller or larger regular events. Although there is no upper limit on the submission there is an expectation from the panel to fund multiple organisations and programs.

The Darwin Youth Activities funding is available through the Territory Families Regional Youth Services Program, which encompasses delivery and access to both after-hours core youth services and programs including school holiday activities. It supports collaborative partnerships; ensuring young people have access to a diverse range of engaging and supportive activities.

The Darwin Youth Activities funding aims to:

  •  provide flexible youth engagement programs and activities, both during the day and through to the evening
  • provide safe transport home from activities and programs within the Northern Suburbs
  •  support the delivery of a range of publicly accessible school holiday and after-hours activities in the region
  • ensure 10-17 year olds, particularly those at risk and vulnerable, have accessible, safe and fun activities
  • offer young people the opportunity to expand their skill set, network and make new friends within the community
  • ensure young people are consulted about the provision of the youth activities to provide feedback and direction as to the delivery of these activities
  • link young people attending activities with support and complementary early intervention services as needed, and
  • develop stronger and more collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders and improve coordination across the youth and related sectors.

More information here:

Darwin Youth Activity Grants

Darwin Youth Activities 2022 – 23_Grant Guidelines (002)

  • Region: Statewide

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